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1,161 DeWitt students walked and ran a total of 2,681 miles during the PTA Mileage Club this May. That is the equivalent to walking across the United States from the California to New Jersey!

234 Fuerstenau Kindergarteners used pedometers to count steps as they walked around a marked Mileage Course during Fridays’ lunch recesses and successfully reached the Mackinac Bridge in 3 Mileage Club Days.

The Young 5s through 4th grade at Schavey Road Elementary and Scott School ran 2 days a week during their lunch recesses using Mileage Cards marked by parent volunteers. 377 students ran 5Ks (3.1 miles each) and 28 students ran 10Ks (6.2 miles each) receiving a personalized bracelet to hold their choice of mileage tokens.

The Student Government at Herbison Woods carried on last year’s “Recess Reinvented.” Instead of 5th and 6th graders walking a Mileage Club loop in the parking lot, 478 students chose to participate in the following organized activities: zumba, soccer shoot out, zombie tag, basketball lightning, and a nature trail hike. Due to the high level of participation, the students earned a DJ dance/yearbook signing party during lunch recess.

The PTA Mileage Club is more than getting kids outside to exercise. It is a perfect opportunity for students to set and achieve personal goals, burn off excess energy, reduce stress, improve school performance both academically and behaviorally, improve the quality and quantity of sleep, and help build self esteem and confidence. Parents are always welcome to run with their children, volunteer to supervise or mark cards, and motivate students using encouraging words and high fives.

Thank you to all the staff, parent and student volunteers, SCT and HW Student Governments. See you all May 2018! Mrs. West PTA Mileage Club Coordinator.

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