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Student Article: "All About Worms"

The following article was submitted by a student reporter in Mrs. Clark’s Communications Class at Sacred Heart Academy in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

All About Worms

By Morgan Giuliani

8th Grade

Have you ever wondered why you see a lot of worms when it rains outside? Well, if you were wondering that, here’s the answer. Worms need moisture to move around underground. When it gets hot and dry outside, the worms move down in the ground deeper to stay damp, but when it rains they come to the surface so that they can move around quicker and get to where they want to be faster!

Have you ever wondered how worms eat? Well, worms don’t actually have any teeth to chew on their food, but they do have really strong mouth muscles so that they can drag leaves into their tunnels and as the leaves start to decompose they can eat them!

If you ever want to know how many earthworms are living in your yard, all you have to do is look on your lawn. See if you have any small mounds/piles of dirt about the size of a dime, those are their castings (worm poop!) and tunnels into their homes. The best time of year to count your worms is either the fall or spring because those are the wettest times of year and the temperature isn’t too hot or cold. When the temperature outside is too hot or too cold, the worms will bury themselves deeper into the soil and when it gets extremely hot or cold, they have to enter estivation or hibernation. When they do this, they curl up into a tight ball and slow down their metabolism until the temperature gets better.


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