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Student Article: "Raining Poetry"

The following article was submitted by a student reporter in Mrs. Clark’s Communications Class at Sacred Heart Academy in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Raining Poetry

By Lola Yun

8th Grade

Have you ever been to Boston? If so, have you noticed the sidewalk when it’s raining? A project started last year has people writing poems on the sidewalk. But, these poems are invisible when it’s sunny and dry. They create these poems using cardboard stencils and water-repellant spray, and they wash away in 6-8 weeks. The first poems were sprayed on to celebrate the beginning of National Poetry Month. Sara Siegel says,“We want to bring poetry to the people.”

The sidewalk masterpieces were made by a collaboration between the city of Boston and the nonprofit Mass Poetry, and installed by Mayor’s Mural Crew. The poems are chosen by Danielle Legros Georges. She chooses poems based on Boston, water, or rain. The poems are written in English, but they hope to add more languages so everyone can read them. They plan to create more along the sidewalks of Boston, so they will eventually fill the city. If you are ever in Boston, make sure you check out the rainy sidewalks for beautiful poems.


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