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Student Article: "Feathers Explode on International Pillow Fight Day"

The following article was submitted by a student reporter in Mrs. Clark’s Communications Class at Sacred Heart Academy in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Feathers Explode on International Pillow Fight Day

By Taylor Cotter

7th Grade

If you are reading this and you love pillow fights then keep reading. This article will tell about the biggest pillow fight in the world which happens only once a year and that’s on April 1st. Everyone around the world can participate. This year some of the pillow fights were hosted in Vancouver, Toronto, and Amsterdam. In all of the those cities there are battlegrounds where everyone meets at. The materials needed for this are a comfy pillow, and preferably rakes and a garbage can for after to clean up the mess. Participants are allowed to hit their opponents gently (NOT HARD), and be sure not to hit people without pillows or who are holding a camera. Bottom line: Only hit the people who have a pillow. There is a signal that tells participants when they can start and the one-hour pillow fight chaos begins. Seven years ago it wasn’t a big success. But, over the years it has become an awesome event throughout the world. There are even many cities in the U.S. that participate too. I hope that everyone who reads this wants to go participate next year! Maybe you could start one in your own city some day!


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