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St. Therese School (Wayland)

Students at St. Therese Catholic School in Wayland have been focusing on the 7 themes of social justice this school year. To show what they have learned, each class took one of the 7 themes of Catholic Social Teachings (CST) and designed a project that put their knowledge to work.

The third and fourth graders in Miss Heather Lewis’ class focused on the second theme: Call to Family, Community and Participation. Students decided on a local community cause to support, PAWS WITH A CAUSE. PAWS trains and supplies service dogs for people with disabilities. With the help of their families, students designed donation containers. They then contacted local businesses they were familiar with and asked to put out their containers. Funds were gathered.

Jane Hoggard of PAWS came to St. Therese School with her canine friend Napa and spoke about their program. She is pictured receiving the donation check from fourth grader Kennedi Anes. The students’ final display of this project was open for viewing at the Social Justice Fair hosted by St. Therese, St. Stanislaus, and St. Mary’s Visitation Schools on March 30 at the local Knights of Columbus hall.

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