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Let's Make It!

What a beautiful time of the year!

Have you noticed the green grass and flowers blooming? The earth is a beautiful place and this is the month we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. What are some of the things we can do to enhance our earth? Here’s some suggestions. How about recycling? Turn off lights when we don’t need them on. Take reusuable shopping bags to the store instead of using paper or plastic ones. Take shorter showers and use less water. What about reusing? Reusing is when you find a use for an existing item - like taking a brown paper bag and decorating it to make it into wrapping paper or decorating a can to hold pencils.

We can all do something. Our earth is a very special place and we need to do our part in taking care of it one person at a time. Have a great April!

Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

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