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It’s important we keep kids moving! Research shows the older children are, the less physical activity they perform each day. Add this to a regular diet of unhealthy foods and drinks like sodas, fast food and snacks high in fat and sodium, and children are at risk for developing diseases such as diabetes and heart disease at increasingly early ages. Physical activity is necessary to keep bodies healthy and also helps children perform better in school.

Kids need 60 minutes of exercise each day to keep their bodies strong and healthy. Jumping rope is a fun and effective way to do it! With jump rope, your body burns more calories and gets a better workout than most other popular physical activities. It is a great cardiovascular exercise, which means it’s great for your heart. Jumping rope can be done alone, but is also a great group sport. Jump rope teams often learn double Dutch jump rope routines and even participate in competitions!

Learn more about Jump rope fun in today’s Sports and Fitness!

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