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Have you seen The Big Bad Wolf?

During Benchmark Literacy in Mrs. Woodward’s Kindergarten class, the class read The Three Little Pigs. The students learned to analyze characters during reading by looking at each character and talking about how it was feeling. They then talked about what it would be like to be each character. The class decided to act out The Three Little Pigs. As a group they came up with how to make the houses. The students also thought that it would be safer to have a pot of skittles to jump into rather than boiling water. Luckily, they were able to reason that we could not find a pot big enough or get enough Skittles to fill the pot. A small chair ended up working just fine as the pot. The children enjoyed telling and retelling the story as the characters. The children even asked to have this as a literacy station for a second week!

Can you think of other stories that would be fun to act out?

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