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Lansing Schools - Nick Hilton to Represent TEAM USA

Nick Hilton, a student in the Young Adult Program at the Beekman Center, has been chosen to represent TEAM USA at the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria in March. He will also participate in a National Training Camp in Vermont in December. Hilton’s event will be snowshoeing.

To honor Hilton, Beekman held an assembly with the whole student body. Staff and students alike made congratulatory signs to surprise Hilton.

Cooking With The Sun

5th grade students at Sheridan Rd. STEM studied the engineering behind solar ovens, testing different materials for insulating and different designs for their ovens. They tracked temperature changes while their oven sat in a sunny spot outside and then was moved into the shade. They compared the success of the materials they tried for insulating their ovens. Their finale was to use the oven outside to prepare a tasty S’more treat using only the sun to do the cooking – success!

Lansing Schools Sponsored by the Westside YMCA

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