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Hillside Elementary

Hillside students are getting into the book fair spirit. This year’s theme for the book fair is Welcome to the Bookaneer: Where Books are the Treasure. Hillside’s book fair will be running Nov. 1-8 and parents are encouraged to check out the book fair during Parent Teacher Conferences.

To get students excited there was a coloring contest. Winners received a pirate patch and other participants were given a bookmark. Our lucky winners were: Cassandra Glines, Matthew Hathaway, Dominic Clodfelter, Kaydasin Sant, Nevaeh Keblbeck, Eadrie Riggs, Angelena Snow, Riley Woodworth, Damon Brown, Tiara Corbin, Cadence Hardy, Peyton Golia, Desmond Clodfelter, Matthew Haynie, Doug Hammer, Isabella Valenzuela, Marlee Clark, Julia Lovett, William Thorp, Barbara Sapp, Destiny Carlstrom, Emma Mashue, Alexis Livingstone, and Johnny Cole (not pictured).



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