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St. Therese School

$500 Grant from MIAFS

St. Therese School in Wayland recently received a $500 grant from Michigan Insurance & Financial Services. The grant, which was applied for by Mrs. Jen Grevenstuk last spring, will be used to purchase hands on supplies to accompany the school's new science program.

Pictured left to right: Bryan Ede (check presenter and agency owner MIAFS), Klaire Sieffert, Ethan Cree, Makenna Waters, Jen Grevenstuk and Jocelyn Dzierzyc.

New Tire Swing

Oh what fun! School opened for a new year at St. Therese Catholic School on Monday, August 29. While new backpacks, textbooks and school shoes were nice, they were nowhere near the fun of the new tire swing installed on the school playground this summer. The swing, while simple looking, became a full summer's project for Deacon Jeff Ryan.

Pictured left to right: Mikeal Born, Alexander Gower, Reece Born.

It Takes a Village...

If it takes a village to raise a child, we now know that it also takes a village to install a tire swing! The first job was to scout out a large enough space that was safe and did not interfere with church services. Miss Dig came and lines got marked for safe installation. Then Deacon Jeff and Deacon Mark, with the generous help of K&H Concrete Cutting, spent some sweaty hours getting the blacktop removed and the ground ready. ITC generously donated and delivered the lumber to frame the area. The City of Wayland brought the swing over since it was being stored there as a recent gift from Dr. Ron House. The workers got the frame up and ready. While school may be fun - recess is better!

Deacon Jeff and his wife Liz attaching the actual swing right before our open house on September 28.

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