All About Michigan

Fort Mackinac With summer rapidly approaching, it's time to start taking family trips to special places in Michigan. One place to considering visiting this summer is Fort Mackinac in northern Michigan. Fort Mackinac has had quite a history! Before 1763, the French had controlled the Straits of Mackinac by having Ford Michilimackinac on the northern point of Lower Michigan. But, after the Treaty of Paris in 1763, the British took occupation of the fort and then decided that the wooden structure was too difficult to defend. In 1780-1781, Patrick Sinclair, the Lieutenant Governor of Michilimackinac built a new limestone fort located on the bluff at Mackinac Island. It was used to control the

Shepherd of the Lakes School News

As the school year ended at Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran School, the students book part in several special activities. Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran School inducted its newest members to its chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. Students and parents got a sneak peek at the new gymnasium. The new building will be dedicated on Sunday, August 19 The students and community enjoyed Shepherd of the Lakes' Family Science Night. It was beautiful weather for the annual field day at Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran School.

Middle Ground!

RUN YOUR ENGINE IN THE 'ZONE' Preparing to take a test is more about mental preparation than it is about studying or cramming. Manage your anxiety first. You must get into the 'zone' where your mental engine will run at full capacity. Unfortunately an overwhelmed brain actually shuts down thinking and will favor a fight-or-flight intensity. Try as you might, your body just will not let you hear new information while in this state of being. The only way to be able to learn and hear reason is to de-escalate. Use a meditation moment to put your self in the best frame of mind before studying. It's simple - set a timer for one minute. Concentrate your focus on your breath or on a word that repr

The Meaning of Memorial Day

Summer doesn't officially start until June 21, but most people consider Memorial Day the start of the summer season. Many families heated up the grill, went to a lake or pool, or just spent time outside. But Memorial Day has the word "memorial" in it for a reason. As we welcome everyone back from a long holiday weekend, we pause to consider the true meaning of Memorial Day and why it’s so important. Memorial Day first began as a holiday called Decoration Day, where graves of soldiers were decorated with wreaths, flowers and flags. This day of remembrance to honor those who died in service — started after so many lives were lost in the Civil War — was proclaimed a holiday by Gen. John A. L

Down On The Farm

Michigan is known for many things, but our state's diverse agriculture scene may surprise many. Michigan’s farmers provide consumers with food on nearly 10 million acres of farmland! Did you know Michigan farmers produce 300 different types of food and agricultural products? Here are 16 things you may not know about Michigan Agriculture: 1. Cherries: Michigan ranks 1st in the nation for tart cherry production, and 4th for sweet cherries. 2. Milk: Michigan ranks 1st in the nation for the production of low fat ice cream mix, but Michigan dairy farmers also contribute to other products such as Hudsonville ice cream, Kraft cheese, Yoplait yogurt, Michigan Made cottage cheese, and Country Fr

Travel With Us

Republic of Iceland Located between the Arctic ocean and the North Atlantic ocean, Iceland is essentially a Nordic island country. Nordic are those countries of North Atlantic and Northern Europe that are geographically and culturally linked to each other. Apart from Iceland, the other two Nordic countries are Finland and Scandinavia. The population of this country is spread out over a large area which makes it the only country of Europe where people are sparsely populated. It has an extremely rich and diverse cultural heritage which began in about 12th century. Eleven percent of the country is covered in glacial ice and is surrounded by water. A volcanic island, Iceland experiences severe

Puzzle Fun

Start your day with a few brain stretches in today’s Puzzle Fun! Find the 10 differences in the farm, solve two word searches, connect the dots, and play tic tac toe! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

STEM in Sports!

People have used advances in science and math to make sports safer for athletes. Science, technology, engineering and math are known as STEM - and STEM has a big impact on every sport that's played. GOLF Although golf courses may appear flat, most have hills and dips that prevent a ball from traveling in a straight line. Golfers must take these surface slopes into consideration. Gravity will always pull the golf ball downward. The golfer must make the ball curve, or break, toward the hole. In today's STEM In Sports!, learn more about break and how gravity affects the path of a golf ball! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

Let's Make It!

A Water World Of Wonder! Have you ever found yourself starring into an aquarium watching the fish swim and discovering coral, crabs and beautiful star fish? I love to look for the hidden treasures of tiny creatures as I take the time to really observe a world below the surface. The shapes and colors of nature’s marine life are incredible. As an artist, drawing aquatic life is fun because fish come in countless shapes and sizes. Some are round and others are long. Some fish swim along happily while others are swift hunters. Create your own fish by using your imagination. There is no wrong way to create your fish. In today's Let's Make It!, grab a pencil, markers or crayons and discover a wor

Coloring Corner

In today's Coloring Corner, we celebrate Spring, the timeof rebirth and regrowth, when we emerge from the dark, cold winter into the bright, colorful season! The Beautiful Spring by George Cooper "I was here first," said the snowdrop: "look!" "Not before me!" sang the silver brook. "Why," cried the grass, "I've been here a week!" "So have I, dear," sighed a violet meek. "Well," piped a bluebird, "don't leave me out! I saw the snow that lay round about." "Yes," chirped a snowbird, "that may be true; But I've seen it all the bleak winter through." "I came betimes," sang the southwind, "I!" "After me, love!" spake the deep blue sky. "Who is it cares?" chimed the crickets gay: "Now you are here,

Cookin' Fun!

Bring your kids into the kitchen and have some Cookin' Fun! Kids will love these simple and yummy recipes! This month, enjoy Banana Tree Stumps, Cinnamon Snails, and Oreo Mud Balls! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

May 2018 Quiz Questions and Answers

This month's Quiz is now available! Download the Quiz and Answers by clicking on the images below! May 2018 Quiz Questions May 2018 Quiz Answers Kids World News monthly quizzes are a FREE supplemental learning resource that help test readers' retention and comprehension of monthly articles and topics. It's a fun way for kids to review what they've read and improve their reading skills! #Quiz

Math Adventures

In today's Math Adventures, solve the gumball math and then use the key to color all the gumballs! Then graph your results based on the number of different colors. Finally, use the chart to find the values of some names that are important to you! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF. #math

Money Matters

In today's Money Matters, figure out the following math problems, then use your dollar up method to determine how much you would give the cashier. Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

Use Your Imagination

In today's Use Your Imagination, imagine you had a Great Zoo Adventure! What friends would you meet? Where would you go? Write a story about the fun you would have! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

Mr. President

Our fourth president, James Madison Jr. was born in Port Conway, Virginia on March 16, 1751. He was the oldest of 12 children born to Colonel James Madison Sr. and Eleanor Rose “Nellie” Conway. They owned a tobacco plantation in Orange County, Virginia and were slave owners. He spent most of his childhood years on the plantation and was raised in the Church of England, the state religion. Madison attended the College of New Jersey, which later became Princeton University. While he was there, he finished his four year course in two years. His area of study was history, government and was well read in law. He studied for another year with the college’s president, John Witherspoon and then grad

Visit the Wildside

KOALA BEARS The koala is native to Eastern and Southeastern Australia, and like a kangaroo, is a marsupial. Marsupials are animals where the female has a pouch to raise her young. A baby koala is called a joey, and is born hairless, blind, and earless. It stays hidden in its mother’s pouch for about six months, while it grows fur and ears. After this time, it stays with its mother for another six months, riding on her back, and feeding on both milk and Eucalyptus leaves. Koalas have no tail, but have an excellent sense of balance. They also are very muscular and have strong limbs for climbing. Their paws have rough pads on their palms and sharp claws for climbing. Each paw has five finger

All About Books

IT'S A CLASSIC! Every month, the librarians at the Kent District Library review dozens and dozens of children's books to help kids and parents make good selections. Here are 3 books they recommend for May 2018 that are classics you'll sure to love! Read more, read often! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

Sports and Fitness

PING PONG / TABLE TENNIS Is playing ping pong or table tennis an exercise? You bet it is! No matter what kind of exercise you do, it forces your body to use energy and burn calories that are put into your body. You can have fun and burn calories at the same time! As you get better playing, the rallies get longer, your skills sharpen and you work harder! When you play ping pong, you are giving your body an aerobic workout which will strengthen your heart and lungs as you move back and forth across the table. Plus, you will be working at having better flexibility each time you play with your footwork. As your game improves, so does your coordination! Continue reading about Ping Pong / Tabl

Exploring Under Water

MARVELOUS LIONFISH! What distinguishes fish from all the other animal classes? Fish are a class of aquatic vertebrates. The combination of gills, fins and the fact that they live only in the water make fish different from all other animals. Fish spend all of their lives in the water and are cold-blooded with the exception of Tuna family and the Mackerel shark family. Scientists believe there are more than 24,000 different species of fish in the world! In today's Exploring Under Water, learn about one of the most unique fish in the entire ocean...the Lionfish. Have a great day! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF. #fish

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