Cookin' Fun!

While enjoying your holiday break, try one of these festive recipes for a tasty holiday treat! Don't forget the Rules For The Kitchen! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

Money Matters

A debit card (also known as a bank card or check card) is a plastic card that is used as a payment method to cash when buying things. It is similar to a credit card, but unlike a credit card, the money comes directly from the user's bank account when using a debit card. When purchasing items with a debit card, you will be asked to enter your Personal Identification Number, or PIN. A PIN is a 4-digit number that is unique to your debit card. It's like a password for your debit card that only you should know. If your debit card is lost or stolen, nobody can use it without your PIN. Most banks allow you to choose your own PIN, so it's important to do so carefully. In today's Money Matters,

Math Adventures

Schools are closed all week as students and teachers enjoy a well-deserved holiday break! It's important to take this time and relax, recharge, and just have some fun away from school! But its also important to continue reading and exercise your brain a little over break. In today's Math Adventures, practice some simple skills and enjoy coloring at the same time! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF. #math

Joyful Holidays

Wishing all of our students, teachers, parents and supporters a very safe and happy holiday break.

Down On The Farm!

Christmas Countdown: 3 days! Reindeer! The reindeer is a medium sized member of the Cervodae (deer) family. Reindeer came to North America in the early 1900’s from Siberia and Norway. Recently, they have been raised on farms in Canada and the United States. Some of the benefits of raising reindeer include the following:They can be raised on the same farm as other deer and livestock. Reindeer are low maintenance, easy handling and relatively disease free animals. They do well in areas that have cold winters and marginal land. Costs for handling facilities and equipment are often lower. But a really unique part of raising reindeer is the demand for them in commercials, parades and other prom

Visit The Wildside!

Christmas Countdown: 5 days! The Aardvark The aardvark is a medium sized, nocturnal mammal native to Africa. It likes to burrow in the ground to make its home, which earned its name from an Afrikaan word meaning “ground pig”. However, the aardvark is not related to the pig. Its closest living relatives are the elephant shrew. Can you believe aardvarks are related to an animal that small? Aardvarks look a bit like pigs with their stout noses and short bodies. They also have an arched back and four toes in the front, five toes in the back! Their toes are like shovels, they’re flat and large. Aardvarks weigh 88-140 pounds, and can reach up to 7 feet long, but normal lengths are around 3-4 feet

Science Fun!

Christmas Countdown: 6 days! Snowflakes Don’t you love to watch the snow fall during the winter months? Have you ever stuck out your tongue and let a snowflake drop on it? Most kids have done this while playing out of doors. What is a snowflake? A snowflake starts out with a tiny speck of dust or dirt that is carried up into the atmosphere by the wind. The ice collects around this speck and a snow crystal is formed. As the tiny snow crystal’s grow, they become heavy which causes them to fall towards the Earth. The snow crystals then bump into each other and combine to form snowflakes. Every snowflake is made up of many different snow crystals that have joined together as they go through

Shepherd of the Lakes Elementary News

December has been a month of new growth! Shepherd of the Lakes welcomed Pastor Ben Bruns (left). He joins Pastor Mark Milatz (right) in ministry at the church and school. In mid December the first wall was placed for the additional six classrooms, media center, and gymnasium that are being built. The construction is expected to be completed in August of 2018, in time for the new school year! December was also a time of field trips. For example, the first graders visited the Cromaine library and the second graders visited Impression 5 Science Center. Hannah was surprised at how big of a bubble she made!

Puzzle Fun

Christmas Countdown: 7 days! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With only a few more days until holiday break and's time to get in the holiday spirit! In today's Puzzle Fun, Circle the 7 differences, complete the dots and color the picture, and then help the little elves find their way to Santa's snack! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

Exploring Under Water

Dramatic Discus Discus are 3 species in the larger group called Cichlids (pronounced sick-lid). Discus are from the Amazon River in South America. They get their name from their shape - very thin and round. Most discus are covered in stripes of blue, green or red in order to blend in with the grasses on the river bed and to communicate with other discus. Discus are unique because of they way they take care of their babies. Like a lot of cichlids, the discus carefully take care of their eggs and larvae. The small fry (the name for baby fish) hang out with mom or dad when they are tiny. And the parents actually have a special slime that the fry will eat for the first week. Learn this and mor

December 2017 Quiz Questions and Answers

This month's Quiz is now available! Download the Quiz and Answers by clicking on the images below! December 2017 Quiz Questions December 2017 Quiz Answers Kids World News monthly quizzes are a FREE supplemental learning resource that help test readers' retention and comprehension of monthly articles and topics. It's a fun way for kids to review what they've read and improve their reading skills! #Quiz

Travel With Us

Republic of Peru Peru is a country located in South America. It is best known for its old Inca ruins in the Andes mountains that surround the country. It is bordered on the north by Ecuador and Colombia, on the east by Brazil, on the southeast by Bolivia, on the south by Chile, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. Peru is divided into twenty-five regions and the capital is Lima. The government is a Presidential Representative Democratic Republic, meaning they have a president and congress. The official language is Spanish due to its being under Spanish control until they declared independence in 1821. The Andes Mountains run along Peru, contributing to their national parks. The different

Spotlight On Health

I Should Not Bite My Nails! Have you ever thought about your nails and the job they do? The hard surface of your nails helps to protect your fingers and your toes -- plus, your fingernails make it easy to scratch an itch or pick something up. You had fingernails and toenails before you were even born! Where do nails come from? Nails start in the nail root that’s hidden under the cuticle. When the cells at the root of the nail grow, the new nail cells push out the old nail cells. These old cells flatten and harden. The newly formed nail then slides along the nail bed, (the flat surface under your nails). The nail bed sits on top of tiny blood vessels that feed it and give your nails th

Coloring Corner

Christmas Countdown: 13 days! Hey kids! Here's a fun holiday page for you to color! Have your teacher or parent help you print this page so you can color it now or save it for a fun activity to do over holiday break! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF. #coloring

Let's Make It!

Snow has arrived in Michigan! And with it, many fun outdoor activities are now possible: sledding, skiing, snowboarding, building snowmen, snow forts! But what about snow indoors?! Let it snow inside by making and decorating your very own snowflakes in today's Let's Make It! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

KWN & Lansing School District launch new publication!

Kids World News and the Lansing School District have teamed up to create an all new publication exclusively for students, teachers, and parents of the Lansing School District! This brand new publication will feature activities and articles geared for all grade levels (K-12) along with district wide information and announcements specific to the Lansing area. Congratulations to the Lansing School District on your exciting new publication! Click on the image below to view the publication now!

Sports and Fitness

Did you know that you exercise everyday and may not even know it? Being active counts as exercise! So this winter, as the snow is falling, don’t just sit in front of the television or computer, bundle up WARM and go outside! Make sure you wear gloves or mittens, coats, warm socks, snowpants, boots and whatever else keeps you dry and warm. In all outside activities, make sure you take breaks and come in to warm up and have something to drink. In today's Sports and Fitness, read about different outdoor activities that you can do to have fun and get your daily exercise! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

All About Books

Every month, the librarians at the Kent District Library review lots of children's books to help kids and parents make good selections! Here are their recommendations for December 2017! Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

You Can Help Children Read

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