Puzzle Fun

Hi Kids! Did you know exercise is good for your body and also your mind? It's true! Just as your body benefits from doing a variety of physical exercises — aerobics, strength training, and stretching — so does your mind benefit from doing various kinds of brain exercises too. Whata are some of the best ways to exercise the brain? Reading and puzzles! So exercise your brain today with Puzzle Fun! #puzzles

Coloring Corner

Hi Kids! Welcome back to school! We hope you had a great weekend! Let's start the week off with a fun coloring activity! #coloring

Let's Make It!

In the winter, sometimes it's nice to do summer things to remember fun times had in the warmth of summer. So try this fun activity from the Grand Rapids Children's Museum and think summer thoughts!

Math Adventures

Hi Kids! Here are some math problems for you to try in today's Math Adventures. Have a great Wednesday! #math

Governor Snyder Visits Stockbridge Schools

Governor Snyder visited Stockbridge Community Schools to tour the robotics program and check out the K-12 STEM program. Students demonstrated intelligent vehicle technology, 3D printing, and underwater robotic technology. Elementary Students from Heritage School and Smith Elementary shared some of the projects they have been working on in STEM. Students and Staff were excited to share with Governor Snyder all the amazing learning opportunities happening at all grade levels in Stockbridge! Tanner, a Kindergartner, showed his graphing work in Google Classroom to Governor Snyder. Kira, a 2nd grader, shared her research and Google slide presentation about Owls. Collin, a 2nd graders, showed his

Visit The Wildside

Happy Tuesday, Kids! Last week, we learned about the country of Madagascar. Today, read about two different creatures that live only there! Have a great day!

Cookin' Fun

Hey Kids! We hope everyone had a great weekend! Here are some tasty treats you can make at home with an adult! Enjoy! #cooking

Puzzle Fun

Hey Kids! It's Friday...yay! Here are some fun puzzle activities to enjoy over weekend. Have a safe, restful weekend...see you Monday! #puzzles

All About Music

Hi Kids! Today, we have a music trivia question for you. We think you'll be stumped! (We were!) What is a Hurdy Gurdy? Hint: It's a musical instrument. Don't know? Learn more in today's All About Music! #music

Travel With Us

Hi Kids! Do you remember the movie Madagascar? The film tells the story of four Central Park Zoo animals (Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria) who have spent their lives in blissful captivity and are unexpectedly shipped back to Africa, getting shipwrecked on the island of Madagascar. Did you know that Madagascar is a real place? In fact, it's actually a country! Learn all about Madagascar (the country, not the movie) in today's Travel With Us. #travel

Science Fun

Hey Kids! Happy Monday! Learn about 3 cool science experiments in today's Science Fun!

Sport and Fitness

Happy Friday Kids! Did you know it’s important to play outside even in the winter months? Below are some of the real benefits to playing outside even when the weather is cold. Then, read about fun outdoor activities in today’s Sports and Health! BUILDS UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM It’s no surprise that kids raised around a farm are generally healthier than those who aren’t. Why? Because they are regularly exposed to dirt, animals, pests, bacteria and other germs. When you come into regular contact with these things naturally (outside), you are less likely to develop autoimmune disorders and allergies. PROVIDES EXERCISE Playing outside provides something many kids don’t get enough – exercis

Use Your Imagination

Hi Kids! What if you were the last dinosaur on earth? What would you do? What would life be life? What adventures would you experience? Explore these ideas and more in today's Use Your Imagination! #writing

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