June 28, 2019


Preparing to take a test is more about mental preparation than it is about studying or cramming.  Manage your anxiety first. You must get into the 'zone' where your mental engine will run at full capacity. 

Unfortunately an overwhelmed...

June 27, 2019

The Brook Trout: Michigan's State Fish

Michigan designated the Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) as the official state fish in 1988. They have a long, streamlined body with a large mouth that extends past its eye. Colors include olive, blue-gray or black above with a...

June 26, 2019

Asian Elephants

Asian elephants, like their name explains, live in southern Asia. They are smaller than African elephants, and their ears are much smaller. They can even live longer- the longest lifespan recorded was 80 years! 

Asian elephants are usually grey, but can a...

June 25, 2019

In today's Use Your Imagination, write a story about about the place you would go if you had a magical flying horse!

Click HEREto download this activity as a printable PDF.

June 24, 2019

Did you know that peaches originated in China? They have been cultivated since at least 1000 B.C.E. The peach tree is considered to be the tree of life in Chinese culture and peaches are symbols of immortality and unity. Peach blossoms are often carried by Chinese brid...

June 21, 2019


Mexico is located on the North American continent and shares borders with the USA in the north and Belize and Guatemala in the south. The border between Mexico and the USA is the second longest border in the world and is about 2,000 miles long. 

Mexico has mounta...

June 20, 2019

Jump rope is a fun activity that is played by children and adults!  There’s not a lot of equipment required. Comfortable shoes and a good rope. You can do it by yourself or with a group. When jumping with a group and a longer rope, one person holds the rope at each end...

June 19, 2019

Bring your kids into the kitchen and have some Cookin' Fun!  Kids will love these simple and yummy recipes! 

This month enjoy Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies, Buzzard's Nests, and Sugar Free No Bake Cookies!  

Click HEREto download this activity as a pri...

June 18, 2019

Creating Sculpture with Carving!

People have been carving objects out of wood, stone, elephant tusks, and sea shells since the beginning of time. The sculptures that are carved can be quite beautiful and detailed or simple and rough. There is no wrong or right way!

It ta...

June 17, 2019

There’s a simple activity that helps kids to develop cognitively, psychologically and creatively: COLORING!  They love to do it…and it can lead to a healthier, happier life!

Here are just some of the benefits of coloring for kids:

1. Improves Motor Skills

2. Prepares Them...

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