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March 30, 2017

We wish all of our teachers, students and parents a very safe and fun Spring Break!  Kids World News will continue posting daily activities during break for kids.

Whether you are traveling somewhere or remaining home, we hope you enjoy your time off and keep reading!...

March 29, 2017

Apples are one of the most popular foods in the world!  In fact, there are over 7,500 different types of apples!  Here are some apple fun facts:  

•    Apple trees are 4 or 5 years old before they actually produce apples.
•    Apple trees are members...

March 28, 2017

Hillside students went to the “zoo”!  

The fourth grade students researched an animal and then presented their information to other students and families.  Some students really got into the role of their animal!

March 28, 2017

It’s important  we keep kids moving!  Research shows the older children are, the less physical activity they perform each day.  Add this to a regular diet of unhealthy foods and drinks like sodas, fast food and snacks high in fat and sodium, and children are at risk fo...

March 27, 2017

It's the last week of March and only a few more days until spring break...yay!  We're going to be featuring fun activities this week to celebrate the end of winter and think spring!  

Let's start the week off with some fun games in today's Puzzle Fun!  

Click H...

March 24, 2017

Kids enjoy planting seeds, watching them sprout, and eventually harvesting what they have grown. Allowing children to become involved in the planning, caring, and harvesting of a garden not only gives parents a unique opportunity to spend time with their children, but...

March 23, 2017

Fourth graders from St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School in East Lansing took a field trip to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore on March 2.  This opportunity was made available by the "Every Kid in a Park" Initiative and a grant funded by the National Park Foundat...

March 23, 2017

Bring your kids into the kitchen and let the fun begin! Kids will love these simple and yummy St. Patrick's day themed snacks even more after they play a part in creating them. The next time there is a free-afternoon, don the aprons and have some Cookin' Fun!


March 22, 2017

The President of the United States is the elected head of state and head of government of the United States. The president leads the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces. The president is elected to...

March 21, 2017

Here's a question to think about:  Do you know what the largest animal on earth is? 

Elephant?  Giraffe?  Bear?  Crocodile?  Those are all excellent guesses!  

The elephant is the largest living land animal.  The giraffe is the tallest livi...

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